What Color Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear

Choosing the right outfit for a wedding is a big deal, especially for the mother of the bride. One major question that pops up is, “what color does the mother of the bride wear?” This isn’t just about looking good.

It’s about feeling confident and fitting in with the wedding theme. From royal blues to soft pinks, there are countless colors and shades out there. But not all colors fit every occasion or season.

The first thing to consider is how to complement your dress with the bridal party without stealing focus from your daughter on her special day. You might ask yourself if you can wear bold colors or stick to softer shades.

What about your skin tone? Should it influence your choice?

Another point is whether plus size mother of the bride dresses come in fashionable options that feel stylish and comfortable too. Absolutely, they do! There’s something perfect out there for everyone.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s explore how to pick that perfect color together.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the wedding theme and bridal party colors when choosing the mother of the bride’s dress. Aim for a color that complements without blending in too much.
  • Avoid overly bold choices in favor of elegant, subdued shades or patterns that ensure the focus remains on the bride throughout her special day.
  • Skin tone plays a critical role; select a dress color that flatters and boosts confidence without drawing attention away from your daughter.
  • Deciding whether to match with the mother of the groom boils down to personal preference, but coordinating outfits can contribute to a cohesive look without requiring exact matches.
  • Royal blue, teal, petal pink, champagne, and floral patterns stand out as popular color choices for their versatility and ability to suit various skin tones while fitting seamlessly into different wedding themes.

Deciding on the Color for the Mother of the Bride’s Dress

When deciding on the color for the mother of the bride’s dress, it’s essential to consider how it will complement the bridal party and avoid overly bold choices. Another crucial factor is to consider skin tone when selecting a flattering option that matches personal style.

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Complementing the Bridal Party

Choosing the right color for the mother of the bride’s gown plays a big role in making sure she looks part of the wedding party. A good start is to match or complement the colors worn by bridesmaids and groomsmen.

If they wear cooler tones like navy or silver, the mother of the bride might pick a shade that goes well with these colors without blending in too much. It’s all about finding a balance that adds to the visual harmony of the group photos.

The mother should also think about how her outfit fits with the overall theme of the wedding day. For example, if coral and cream are key colors, selecting metallics or deep shades can enhance this palette beautifully.

This approach helps create a cohesive look across all elements of bridal attire, from gowns to buttonholes worn by guests celebrating alongside you.

Avoiding Overly Bold Choices

After considering how to match the bridal party, it’s also key for mothers of the bride to think about keeping their outfit choices modest in color. Bold and flashy shades often overshadow the main event: the bride.

Stick to colors that complement yet stand out enough without pulling attention away from where it belongs. Darker tones like navy or softer hues such as teal can be both elegant and toned down.

They ensure a look that adds to the wedding’s overall harmony without causing unnecessary distraction.

Opting for attention-grabbing colors might seem tempting for showing personality, but this is one occasion where less is more. Think about using accessories for those pops of color instead of making them central pieces of your attire.

This way, you maintain a balance between expressing your style and ensuring all eyes stay on the bride during her big day. Opting for cocktail dresses in subdued shades or long gowns with minimalistic designs are smart moves here—they offer sophistication while adhering to this subtle approach towards fashion on such an important occasion.

Considering Skin Tone

Picking the right color dress involves thinking about skin tone. Colors that look good on one person might not work for another due to different skin colors. For instance, if a mother has a cooler complexion, she might shine in silver or dusty blue.

Those with warmer complexions could go for rich shades like burgundy or metallic gold. This choice ensures the mother of the bride feels confident and beautiful without drawing unwanted focus from her daughter.

Selecting colors that complement skin tone also helps create stunning photos. A well-chosen dress enhances natural beauty and blends seamlessly with the wedding’s overall style. Keep this tip in mind while shopping for your mother’s outfit, moving on to consider other important factors such as season and venue next.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Color

When choosing the perfect color for the mother of the bride’s dress, it’s essential to consider factors such as consulting with the bride, taking into account the season and venue, identifying flattering options based on personal style, and ensuring a cohesive look with the bridal party.

These considerations will help in making an informed decision that complements the overall wedding theme and ensures a stunning appearance for this special occasion.

Consulting with the bride

When it comes to choosing the color for your dress, consulting with the bride is essential. Consider her preferences and the wedding color theme to coordinate effectively. It’s important not to clash with the bridal colors or wear the same color as the bridesmaids.

The mother of the bride can wear any color she wants, but it is better to avoid white, ivory, or champagne tones as they are considered bridal colors.

By seeking input from the bride about color choices, you can ensure a cohesive look that complements both her vision and that of the bridal party. Remember to take into account any specific requests she may have regarding dress colors for family members.

Season and venue

As the bride and mother of the bride make decisions together about the wedding outfit, considering the season and venue is crucial. The chosen color should harmonize with the surroundings and prevailing weather conditions.

For instance, in a winter wedding at an indoor venue, deep shades like navy or emerald would be elegant choices. Conversely, for an outdoor summer ceremony, lighter hues such as champagne or floral patterns can complement the natural setting beautifully.

Taking into account factors like temperature and location when selecting a color palette will help ensure that the mother of the bride looks perfectly aligned with both nature’s elements and the overall ambiance of the event without overshadowing other key elements.

Flattering options

When considering the perfect color for the mother of the bride’s dress, it’s essential to think about flattering options. These options should be tailored to enhance not only her personal style but also her skin tone.

Flattering colors like royal blue, teal, petal pink, and champagne can offer a variety of choices that will help the mother of the bride feel her best on this special day.

It is advisable for mothers of brides to seek more than just traditional options when choosing a dress color. They need to consider their personal style and what makes them feel most confident and comfortable.

Personal style

When choosing a dress, the mother of the bride should consider her personal style. Whether it’s a classic and elegant look or something more modern and trendy, she should select a color that reflects her individual taste while also coordinating with the overall wedding theme.

The mother of the bride can find a flattering option that suits her style preferences and makes her feel confident on this special occasion.

Moving on to matching with the Mother of the Groom.

Matching with the Mother of the Groom: Should or Shouldn’t?

Matching with the Mother of the Groom: Should or Shouldn’t?

Deciding whether to match with the mother of the groom is a matter of personal preference. While some mothers coordinate outfits for a cohesive look, others prefer unique ensembles.

There are no strict rules regarding matching, allowing flexibility in choosing attire that reflects individual style while complementing the overall wedding theme.

When it comes to coordinating outfits, some mothers opt for color coordination, while others prioritize finding dresses that suit their personal style. Ultimately, whether to match with the mother of the groom depends on individual preferences and desired level of coordination.

Moving on to Popular Color Choices.

Popular Color Choices for the Mother of the Bride’s Dress

Are you struggling to decide on the perfect color for the mother of the bride’s dress? You’re not alone! Let’s explore popular color choices that can help you make a stunning statement on your daughter’s special day.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a fantastic choice for the mother of the bride’s dress. This sophisticated and regal hue exudes elegance, making it a perfect option for formal weddings. Complementing various skin tones, royal blue adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble.

It pairs beautifully with metallic accessories such as gold or silver, offering versatility and timeless appeal. When considering the wedding color theme, royal blue can effortlessly coordinate with colors like navy, gray, and other dark shades commonly found in elegant evening affairs.

This stunning shade not only complements various complexions but also allows the mother of the bride to stand out elegantly without overshadowing the bride herself – which is always an essential consideration when selecting her attire for this special day.


Teal is a versatile and elegant choice that fits well with various wedding themes. It complements blue and green wedding color schemes beautifully, giving the mother of the bride a sophisticated and stylish look.

Teal is a popular option for mothers of brides who want to make a statement without overshadowing the bride or clashing with the bridal party. This rich and vibrant color adds a touch of modern flair to the ensemble, making it an excellent choice for any season or venue.

The flexibility of teal allows it to work well with different skin tones, ensuring that the mother of the bride feels confident and radiant on her daughter’s special day. Whether paired with metallic accessories for a glamorous touch or combined with neutral tones for an understated elegance, teal offers endless possibilities for creating a stunning look that will be remembered in wedding pictures.

Petal Pink

Petal pink is a delicate and feminine color option for the mother of the bride’s dress. This soft and romantic hue can be a perfect choice, especially for spring or summer weddings.

The subtle charm of petal pink complements various skin tones, making it an excellent option for many mothers. Additionally, this color pairs beautifully with navy, gray, silver, champagne, and even floral patterns in the bridal party ensemble.

The versatility of petal pink allows mothers to express their personal style while coordinating effortlessly with the overall wedding theme. Whether opting for a classic A-line silhouette or a modern sheath dress, petal pink offers a timeless elegance that embodies grace and sophistication.


When it comes to the mother of the bride’s dress, champagne is a classic and elegant color choice. It complements a variety of skin tones and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

This subtle hue can be an excellent option for mothers looking for a timeless and refined outfit that exudes grace and style at their daughter’s wedding.

The next section will delve into popular color choices for the mother of the bride’s dress.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns for mother of the bride dresses can add a touch of elegance and femininity to the overall look. These designs often incorporate soft, delicate flowers or bold, vibrant blooms in various colors, offering a versatile option that suits many wedding themes.

Whether it’s a subtle hint of florals or an all-over print, this classic choice complements the wedding’s atmosphere while allowing the mother of the bride to express her personal style effortlessly.

With floral patterns, mothers can exude confidence while staying true to their individual fashion preferences on this special day. Choosing from a spectrum of colors found in nature allows for flexibility in matching with the bridal party and coordinating with the overall wedding theme.

The Etiquette: Who Chooses the Mother of the Bride’s Dress?

When it comes to the etiquette of choosing the mother of the bride’s dress, consulting with the couple is essential. Approvals from both the bride and groom should underpin the decision-making process.

Now, let’s move on to popular color choices for the mother of the bride’s dress.

Consider approvals from the couple

Consider the couple’s approval when choosing the mother of the bride’s dress to ensure it aligns with their vision for the wedding. Communicate and collaborate with them on color preferences and overall wedding style, keeping in mind that their input will help create a cohesive look for the entire event.

This collaborative spirit also ensures that everyone feels included in this special occasion, enhancing the overall sense of harmony and joy.

It is important to obtain approval from the couple as their valuable insight can guide your decision-making process during such an important time.”

Rules for Stepmother of the Bride Attire

When choosing attire for the stepmother of the bride, it’s important to consider not only the wedding color theme but also the preferences of the bride. While there are no strict rules on color choices, it is generally advisable to avoid white, ivory, or champagne hues that could be considered bridal colors and draw attention away from the main event.

Instead, opt for darker shades or neutral tones that complement the overall wedding aesthetic without overshadowing it.

As a stepmother of the bride, you should coordinate with both your stepdaughter and her bridal party to ensure a cohesive look while still maintaining your personal style. To achieve this balance, select an outfit that harmonizes with but does not duplicate what others will be wearing – like navy or metallics when appropriate.


When choosing the perfect color for the mother of the bride’s dress, it is important to consider factors such as complementing the bridal party and skin tone. Consulting with the bride and taking into account the season, venue, and personal style are also crucial in making a flattering choice.

Popular color choices like royal blue, teal, petal pink, champagne, and floral patterns provide ample options for a cohesive look. While there are no strict rules on color selection, it is advisable to avoid white or ivory tones to not clash with bridal colors.

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1. How does the mother of the bride choose a color for her dress?

The mother of the bride should pick a color that complements the wedding’s color scheme and doesn’t clash with what the bridesmaids are wearing. It’s best to ask the bride for any specific colors or styles she prefers.

2. Can the mother of the bride wear white?

It’s generally not recommended for mothers to wear white, as this color is usually reserved for the bride. Opting for neutral or cooler colors can be a better choice to avoid matching too closely with the bride’s dress.

3. Is it important for the mother of the bride’s dress to match with groom’s mom?

Mothers do not need to exactly match dresses but choosing complementary colors ensures both look coordinated without overshadowing each other, creating a cohesive look in wedding photos.

4. What are some popular colors for mother of the bride dresses?

Popular choices include blue, magenta, floral patterns, and warmer shades like gold or rust, depending on what fits best within the wedding palette and season.

5. Should mothers stick to long dresses only?

Not necessarily; while long dresses are common and can feel more formal, there are no strict rules about length. The key is finding a dress that makes you feel your best while fitting into any specified wedding dress code.

6. Are there any fashion don’ts when searching for a mother of the bride gown?

Avoid anything too matronly or overly bold that might detract from bridal party outfits—think oversized florals or extremely bright hues if they’re out of sync with wedding themes—and steer clear from dressing in exact shades as bridesmaids unless that’s what specifically requested by

the couple.