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Wedding Venue- Wilshire Grand Hotel - West Orange, 07052NJ

Wedding photography showcasing indoor & outdoor ceremonies and reception at the Wishire Grand Hotel in West Orange, The Wilshire Grand Is a wedding venue in Morris county, N


Wilshire grand Hotel

West Orange, NJ

Venue Information

If you’re planning to hold your ceremony in the outside courtyard at Wilshire Grand Hotel, try to time the ceremony so the shadows created by the sun hitting the surrounding buildings don’t become an issue. It’s a beautiful location for a ceremony but I’ve had instances where the shadows literally divided the bride/groom and bridal party in half. This creates a problem for wide, storytelling images so keep this in mind.


Venue Address

350 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052

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Contact Info

Phone: (973) 731-7007

Locations near the Wilshire Grand Hotel for photos

Interior has lots of possibilties especially the Downstairs wine cellar at Wilshire Grand, Verona Park


Wedding Photos at Wilshire Grand Hotel