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Wedding Venue - The Brownstone - Paterson, NJ


the Brownstone

Paterson, NJ

Venue Information

Don’t feel that you have to shoot all of your photos at The Brownstone. There are places not far from the Brownstone that provide beautiful scenery without having to travel far. I found that the combination of images shot at the Brownstone along with those from other locations works best. I also suggest communicating with your host regarding other weddings that may be happening on your wedding day. The Brownstone has four ballrooms so it’s a good idea to ask in advance where you’ll be able to go around the venue in regard to the other weddings.


Venue Address

351 W Broadway,

Paterson, NJ 07522


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Contact Info

Phone: (973) 595-8582

Locations near the The Brownstone

Lambert’s Castle, The Art factory, Paterson Museum, Presby Iris Gardens


Wedding Photos of the Brownstone