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Wedding Venue- Ballyowen Country Club - hamburg, NJ 07419


ballyowen Country Club

Hamburg, NJ

Venue Information

The rollings hills at Ballyowen Golf Course are elegant and picturesque. The outdoor mezzanine overlooks an that create a stunning pastoral backdrops for a set of images! Perfect for your ceremony. I would highly recommend having your ceremony closer to sunset if possible. I enjoyed working with the staff at the Ballyowen Country club were very courteous and accommodating.


Venue Address

137 Wheatsworth Rd,

Hamburg, NJ 07419


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Contact Info

Phone: (844) 283-4586

Locations near the Ballyowen Country Club for photos

An affordable alternative to Crystal Springs Resort. Great for outdoor venue and no need to go elsewhere for pictures unless it rains!


Wedding Photos at Ballyowen Country Club