The Ultimate Guide to Your Perfect Barn Wedding Venues in the Pocono Mountains

Barn Venues For Your Wedding in North Eastern Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania countryside is beautifully scenic and full of rolling hills and valleys that are perfect for hosting weddings. The surrounding woods provide a natural setting for weddings and the barns offer a rustic option for reception halls, making both the ceremony and reception feel intimate, yet elegant.

Barn weddings are the perfect place for a rustic wedding. They are often set in a rural area, with beautiful natural surroundings and plenty of room for guests to enjoy themselves.

You might have seen one in a movie or on TV but what exactly is a barn wedding venue? A barn is typically an old building that has been turned into a reception hall. They offer the perfect setting for your rustic wedding with plenty of room for guests to enjoy themselves.

Couples who want a rustic and intimate wedding often choose to have their wedding at a barn. They are perfect for smaller weddings but can be customized to fit the needs of any size.

The first thing that you will notice about a barn wedding venue is the rustic charm. Barns are typically decorated with natural elements like vineyards, wood, flowers, & hay bales. But also they have personal touches like a rustic waterfall, vintage chandeliers, and a modern country gazebo and You will also notice that there is usually plenty of space for wedding guests to move around and enjoy themselves during the ceremony and reception.

Barn weddings provide an opportunity for couples to get married in an intimate setting without having to worry about large costs or excessive decorations.

Tall-Timbers-Barn- wedding venue

Why Are Barn Wedding Venues So Popular?


In the United States and around the world, barn weddings have become more popular. They have been all the rage ever since Pinterest came around. And provide the perfect mix of rustic and elegant which is why they are so popular among couples who want their big day to be as unique as possible. They can be a premier wedding location and experience for couples who want to get married in a country setting.

Barn venues, or farmhouses, are usually found on the outskirts of town and are often surrounded by farmlands. The barns can be used as a venue for an intimate ceremony or reception, depending on how they're set up.

The barns of the Poconos and Lehigh Valley are beautiful alternatives to traditional venues for weddings. They can be used as a venue for an intimate ceremony or reception, depending on how they're set up.


How much do barn wedding venues cost? Are event barns cheaper?


About one thing Barn wedding venues can be a very affordable option for your wedding. Some barns may only cost you a few thousand dollars, while others may be more expensive. The cost of a barn wedding will vary depending on the size and amenities of the barn, but you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for a basic wedding at a barn. If you're looking for an affordable wedding option that still has all the bells and whistles, consider using a private estate or farmhouse as your wedding venue. These venues typically cost around $10,000 - $15,000.

Furthermore, a typical barn wedding venue can accommodate from 100-300 guests comfortably. Barn weddings are typically cheaper than traditional weddings, but there are still some costs to consider. The cost of a barn wedding includes the venue and any decorations you might need.

You may also need to hire a minister or other wedding officiant, and you'll likely need to purchase wedding supplies such as invitations, cake, bridal flowers, and possibly a caterer depending on the venue. It's important to factor in all of these costs when planning your budget, so you can make sure your barn wedding and wedding ceremony is affordable and perfect for you and your fiance!

How to Find the Best Barn Wedding Venue in 10 Steps

Finding the best barn wedding venue is not a simple task. Here are 10 steps to help you find the right one for your wedding.

1) Define your budget and guest count

2) Check out local listings as well as popular websites like The Knot or Wedding Wire

3) Use Google Maps to find venues near you

4) Ask friends and family for recommendations for a charming barn or elegant barn

5) Make a list of potential venues and visit them in person. (Be sure to walk the entire grounds, indoor and outdoor, to see what the venue offers.

6) Contact the venue directly and ask about availability, price, etc.

7) Visit each venue with your partner or family members to help provide feedback on which one might work best

8) Consider additional factors such as transportation, parking, food options, etc. when making your final decision

9) Request a tour

What Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Barn Wedding Venue


Choosing the right venue for your perfect wedding is one of the most important decisions to make. It will be the place where you will share your vows and celebrate with your guests and wedding party as well as the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. It is also where you will have all of your memories captured in photos and videos.

One of the most important considerations is the location. You want to make sure that it is easily accessible and in an area that you love. The venue should provide a space that is perfect for both intimate and grand celebrations, as well as being able to accommodate any number of people.

If you have a large guest list that includes children, then it would be best if your barn was close to some outdoor activities like parks. This way they can enjoy themselves before or after the ceremony while still being near the venue. Make sure that the venue can accommodate your guests whether it rains or shines.

If you have a very specific theme in mind, you will need to make sure that the venue can accommodate this theme. A barn venue for your wedding may be a good choice if you're looking for a rustic, country setting for an outdoor ceremony.

4 Reasons Why You'll Love Your Rustic Barn Wedding


The historic barn wedding is the perfect way to have your dream wedding. It's a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, and it has all of the charm you could ever want. No matter what your style is, these rustic barn weddings will make you want to get married right away. Below are four reasons why you'll love your country wedding.

The first reason why you'll love a barn wedding is the rustic atmosphere it provides and the opportunity for couples to express their individuality and creativity.

Second, you can have a whole range of different decorations that will suit any style or theme that you're looking for in an outdoor wedding venue.

Third, rustic barn weddings are perfect for small weddings because they are intimate and cozy, but still big enough to accommodate lots of people.

And lastly, it gives couples the chance to experience nature by holding their ceremony outside or in a garden.

4 Reasons Why You'll Love or Hate Your Rustic Barn Wedding

LightMaster Studios-Wedding-Website-2020--14

Some people are really into the exposed beams and rustic charm of a barn wedding, but, as with any candidate that might serve as your wedding venue, there are drawbacks to consider before booking your date and wedding location. Here are 4 reasons why you might not like a traditional barn wedding.

Number one, rustic barns typically require more work than other venues. For some venues, you will have to do all the decorating yourself or pay someone else to do it for you, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Next, rustic barns can be difficult to find and book on short notice due to their popularity!

Third, often there's No Air Conditioning! Need I say more? A foreseen heat wave can melt all your hopes if you are unprepared. There are a few options for keeping cool like keeping guests hydrated with plenty of water stations and iced drinks like lemonade or fruit punch, renting a tent with air conditioning for the reception area, and setting up water misters on a lawn or garden area where guests will be sitting.

Finally, and very importantly, it can be hard to find vendors. If possible, we recommend finding a good wedding planner to help with this. Often they have the connections and skills to bring all this together.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Wedding Barn


Choosing the perfect location for your barn wedding is not an easy task. It can be challenging to find a venue that fits your budget and location preferences. However, with these 4 tips, you will be able to find the perfect location for your unforgettable wedding.

Consider the Style First, consider what style of wedding you want. There is a wide variety of barns to choose from, so it will be up to you to decide what style you want.

A lot of people are opting for the traditional red barn style. But if you want something more modern and distinctive, then a white barn might be the way to go. You can also consider the dutch-style barn or a dairy barn.

A White Barn wedding has been popular in recent years for its classic and elegant look. A Dutch-style barn is perfect for anyone who wants their event to have an intimate feel with lots of natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Next, some of the most important considerations are the budget, food and drink options, and entertainment. In order to make sure that your day is perfect, you need to know what's important to you and your partner. If you don't have a strict budget in mind for your wedding, then it is best to consult with vendors about their pricing before you decide on what kind of food or drink options you want.

If there is an open bar at your reception venue, then it is best to talk with the venue about whether or not they will provide alcohol as part of their catering package or if they will charge separately for it.

Third, ensure accommodations are available nearby. Some people might think that making sure accommodations are available nearby is not necessary but it is actually very important. The first reason why it is important is that if someone doesn't have a place to stay, they won't be able to attend the event. Secondly, this can be an inconvenience for people who do want to attend but don't know anyone in town who can offer them a place to stay. Thirdly, this could lead to people not being able to enjoy their time at the event because they're worried about where they're going to sleep that night.

Lastly, vet all vendors. Vetting all your wedding vendors ensures that you are not only getting the best for value for your money but also receiving the best service. It is crucial to vet all your wedding vendors before making a final decision so you can make sure that the vendors you’ve chosen are reliable, have the skills you need, and can deliver what they promise.

Vetting your wedding vendors can be a time-consuming task, but it is worth it because it will help you avoid any headaches or disappointments on your wedding day.

The Different Types of Weddings You Can Have at a Beautiful Barn Venue, Vineyard, or Hill Farm


There are many different types of weddings you can have at a barn wedding venue.

A rustic, country-themed wedding with a lot of wood, hay bales, and flowers that have a wooden barn feel.

A vintage-style, old barn wedding has an old-world feel to it. This wedding venue offers a blend of rustic natural beauty and an open barn door vibe.

A traditional-style barn wedding is elegant and sophisticated.

A rustic chic theme works for those who want something more contemporary like a renovated barn yet still want to maintain the feeling of the barn features in some way.

Whatever type of space you book your wedding at, they will all provide a beautiful backdrop for your special day.


Pocono Event Centers: Complete List of Barn Venues for Your Wedding

Barns have been around for centuries, but it's only recently that they've become popular as a venue choice. It's not uncommon to see them in the country, but barns can be found in urban areas too.

There are many different styles of barns. To find the best barn for you, consider one of these for your wedding ceremony and reception: red barn, historic barn, vineyard barn, tin roof barn, overlook barns, white barn, dairy barn, and dutch-style barn. We have taken the time to list some picturesque and breathtaking barn wedding venues nestled in the Poconos. We included affordable as well as premier wedding locations and just for fun added a couple of off-the-beaten wedding spots to make your wedding celebration unforgettable!

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Tall Timber Barn

    Tall Timber Barn - A 20-acre pine forest wedding venue is the perfect place for nature-lovers and anyone who's looking for a cozy spot for their big day. Tall Timber Barn is about an hour from Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, in Canadensis, PA. It is ideal for couples interested in a simple, intimate wedding, offering the dense, green forest as a backdrop for photos.

    LightMaster Studios Approved!  

    Address: 5160 PA-447, Canadensis, PA 18325

    Phone: +15702344462

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Nicole-&-Val-Wedding-The-Tides-Estates-Spring-Wedding-blog-5877

    Camp Bluestone

    • Situated in Thompson, PA, Camp Bluestone is a rustic barn wedding venue with rolling fields and low stone walls that make it feel like you're living in the country. The modern touches make it an elegant venue for a wedding. It has two indoor venues, one of which is perfect for ceremonies and the other for receptions, as well as outdoor ceremony sites and reception areas. Camp Bluestone also offers camping accommodations on site so guests can enjoy the camp’s country charm after their event!

    Address: 1290 Stalker Hill Road Thompson, PA, 18465



  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1066

    Zimmermann Farm

    Zimmermann Farm Estate

    Marie Zimmermann was a metalworker and acclaimed artist from Pennsylvania who enjoyed the company of other artists and the outdoors. This farmhouse, which looks out over the Delaware River, is one of her most famous works.

    The stone mansion of Marie’s design was built in 1912 and was the country getaway for the Brooklyn-based Zimmermann family. Located in Pike County, Pennsylvania, this 9-bedroom house was a private sanctuary for the owner and her partner. Surrounded by gardens, with local waterfalls and forests located nearby to the property, this home is perfect for exclusive private events. The project is manned by a team of NYC hospitality experts who can customize any manner of party or private event. Look out for pop-up chef dinners and art and design exhibitions that pay homage to the home’s legacy. Milford, Dingmans Bridge, and many other attractions are all less than 20 minutes away from this beautiful historic location.

    LightMaster Studios Approved! 

    Address: Zimmermann Farm Dingmans Ferry, PA, 18328

    Phone: 917-482-5962

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Wallenpaupack Creek Farm

    Wallenpaupack Creek Farm, also known as Wally Creek Farm, is a one-of-a-kind rustic wedding venue located in Sterling, Pennsylvania. Providing an open-air setting for several different types of events, the 40-acre farm makes a beautiful site for weddings & parties. It's smart to figure out which type of set-up you want to go with beforehand because that might affect the seating arrangement. They also offer tent and catering services. You'll have the option of having your ceremony along the Wallenpaupack Creek, in the field overlooking the farm pasture, or within the historically renovated barn. Wally Creek Farm will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable day.

    Address: 674 S Sterling Rd, South Sterling, PA 18460

    Phone: 360-795-5428

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Takach’s Grove

    Takach’s Grove is a nature-inspired, family run wedding venue in Greenfield Township, Pennsylvania. Founded and built by Andy Takach, this venue offers everything you need for a rustic garden wedding. The views of the rolling hills from the property create a lovely backdrop to any type of ceremony. It serves as a beautiful backdrop for both wedding photos and your ceremony. Adjacent to Merli Sarnoski Park County Park, couples can enjoy natural scenery while still enjoying an elegant wedding ambiance. Takach’s Grove will make your wedding experience one of a kind.

    LightMaster Studios Approved!!!

    Address: 256 Sandy Banks Rd, Greenfield Township, PA 18407

    Phone: +15709558617

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Sylvan Ridge Farm

    Sylvan Ridge Farm, is an award-winning venue on a forested mountainside overlooking the Delaware River Valley.  They have special buildings on the property that were renovated with input from world-renowned architect Peter Bohlin and the master craftsmanship of Pennsylvania Amish builders. They come together to create an unbelievable gathering place for friends, family, and business associates. Guests enjoy total privacy, without a neighbor in sight from anywhere on the 193 acres, yet the farm is just ten minutes from historic Milford, PA and I-84, not to mention easy access to New York City.

    Address: 170 Cummins Hill Rd, Milford, PA 18337

    Phone: +15702178781

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673


    Memorytown is a historic country estate in Mount Pocono, PA. They have two beautiful barns, lush event grounds, and a rustic charm you are sure to enjoy. With a variety of spaces to choose from, incredible natural views, and delicious in-house catered food, Memorytown is an incredible venue in the heart of the Poconos.

    Address: 432 Grange Rd, Mt Pocono, PA 18344

    Phone: +15708391680

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Nicole-&-Val-Wedding-The-Tides-Estates-Spring-Wedding-blog-1063

    The Ice House at Sculpted Ice Works

    • The Ice House at Sculpted Ice Works offers a variety of settings and unique features to plan any event from weddings to corporate seminars. Their staff will be happy to help you with any ideas and give options for your Pocono wedding. This old and weathered space decorated in red wood create the perfect space to work on a design, no matter what you need. If a large banquet space is what you need, this barn provides 5800 square feet of room.

    Address: 311 Purdytown Turnpike Lakeville, PA, 18438

    Phone: 570-226-6246

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Poconos Camp Wedding Center

    The Poconos Camp Wedding Center (PCWC) is a destination wedding venue located in Northeast Pennsylvania and is located approximately 2 hours from the Philadelphia and NYC regions. In addition to being a beautiful location, The Pocono Camp Wedding Center is also located close enough to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and New York City that it caters to both in-state and out-of-state guests.The PCWC sits on 110 acres and has both private room and shared cabin accommodations for you and all of your wedding guests, with a capacity of 400 overnight guests. The views from all throughout the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and reception are breathtaking! They extend past 40 miles.

    Address: 1635 State Rd. 2036 Thompson, PA, 18465

    Phone: 973-832-7504

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Nicole-&-Val-Wedding-The-Tides-Estates-Spring-Wedding-blog-1087

    The Barn at JJT Farm

    The Barn at JJT Farm is a rustic barn wedding venue located less than 10 miles south of Binghamton, New York. It has 30 acres of private land and can accommodate up to 300 guests. With a rustic country feel and an outdoor ceremony site, this venue provides the perfect setting for your special day.

    The Barn at JJT Farm offers an indoor ceremony space with a large stone fireplace, along with an outdoor ceremony site that includes a pond and gazebo. They offer both daytime weddings as well as evening weddings and reception options.

    Address: 1044 McCormick Rd, Brackney, PA 18812 

    Phone: (610) 322-8706

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-9778

    The Homestead at White Valley

    The Homestead at White Valley is charming barn venue located in Rome, Pennsylvania. Our Homestead is perfect for wedding receptions and casual events such as corporate parties and birthdays. This family-owned-and-operated business prides itself on personalization and will work closely with you to bring your fairy-tale wedding vision to life on the big day.

    Address: 1848 Babcock Hill Rd Rome, PA, 18837

    Phone: 570-637-2986

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    The Barn At Greystone Farm

    The Barn at Greystone Farm offers a rustic barn wedding venue set on 93 acres of natural landscape. Here, you'll find ample event space, original features, and a rustic yet refined atmosphere for wedding celebrations. Their dedicated staff will ensure that all your guests enjoy the event and never feel cramped.

    Address: 106 Welliver Rd. Watsontown, PA, 17777


  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-0584

    The Farm at Cottrell Lake

    Located in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Farm at Cottrell Lake is a premier farm wedding venue with luxurious farmhouse accommodations. At Cedar Point Wedding Center, they offer more than just a gorgeous venue for your ceremony and reception. It is also a unique place where you and your loved ones can enjoy the entire wedding weekend! Wide open country, botanical gardens, fields of flowers and corn, and endless mountain ridges. It's like a vacation retreat, romantic getaway and wedding all in one! At Cottrell Lake's farm, they know life can be hectic, and high-stress in today's world. Their resort allows you and your family to enjoy a serene environment and escape the hustle. Since they only host one wedding party per week they are able to grant couples access to the farm property from Wednesday through Sunday. They also include numerous amenities and necessities so a gorgeous event is possible with little effort.

    Address: 4477 State Route 2023 Union Dale, PA, 18470

    Phone: 5703356832 or 570-335-6834

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Birchtown Weddings & Events

    Birchtown Weddings & Events is a rustic and charming equestrian center wedding venue located in Forest City, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the Endless Mountain Region of Susquehanna County, this peaceful country property eases your worries with an abundance of natural surroundings. Birchtown provides climate-controlled indoor and outdoor event spaces, comprehensive rental packages, and picturesque views to create an unforgettable experience.

    Address: 78 Birchtown Dr, Forest City, PA 18421

    Phone: +15702415195

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-0948

    Longacre Farm

    Longacre Farm is a family owned venue located in rural Pennsylvania, near Binghamton, NY and Scranton, PA. The large barn can comfortably hold up to 200 guests and they have a brand new bridal suite in the farmhouse. This old barn conversion is perfect for anyone looking for a quaint space with some modern amenities. They can provide a customized farmhouse table, wooden chairs and vintage furniture to display any items you need for your wedding.

    Address: 949 Longacres Rd, Susquehanna, PA 18847

    Phone: +15705616601

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Nicole-&-Val-Wedding-The-Tides-Estates-Spring-Wedding-blog-4492

    Herman and Luther's Wedding Barn

    Herman and Luther’s Wedding Barn is a crown jewel tucked away in Northcentral, PA. It was built in 1770 and has been updated with modern amenities. It is a perfect rustic barn wedding venue for couples looking for something different.

    There are many other features that make this an excellent venue to have your wedding ceremony and reception, including the beautiful antique furniture inside the barn, which provides a historic backdrop for your special day. The venue holds up to 100 guests for an intimate ceremony or reception or up to 250 guests for a more formal outdoor event. This venue is featured in the book Destination Weddings: A Complete Guide to Planning Your Big Day from Coast to Coast by Gwen Smith.

    Address: 787 PA-87, Montoursville, PA 17754

    Phone #: +1-570-433-3334


  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-0843

    The Cider Mill at Wyndswept

    The Cider Mill at Wyndswept Farm is a barn and farm wedding venue located in Muncy, Pennsylvania. Offering a charming and rustic setting for hosting ceremonies, receptions, and other events, it is available for bookings from May through October.

    Address: 3240 Muncy Exchange Road Muncy, PA, 17756

    Phone: 570-546-7047

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    The Barn at Glistening Pond

    The Barn at Glistening Pond is a rustic, two-story wedding venue with an elegant ballroom and scenic views of the Endless Mountains. It's been in use for weddings since the late 1800s and has over 215 acres of land. It has been family-owned for three generations and offers an escape from the noise and rush of urban life. The Barn can handle any event, from small to large or from intimate to spectacular. They are equipped for elopements and ceremonies- with plenty of room for your guests, too.

    Address: 421 Pine Hill Rd, Falls, PA 18615

    Phone: +15705755666

  • Lightmaster-Studios-Alice-&-Andrew-Summer-Wedding-Zimmermann-Farm-2022-Pocono-Mountains-Blog-images-1673

    Tyler Hill Camp

    Tyler Hill Camp is a rustic wedding venue located in Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania. The natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains and serene lakefront weddings make this the perfect place for your special day. A serene, nature-inspired event space nestled between two sparkling lakes, Tyler Hill Camp is the perfect setting for couples seeking a relaxed wedding ceremony.

    Address: 1017 Cochecton Turnpike, Tyler Hill, PA 18469

    Phone: +15702244131

Conclusion & Wrap Up

A barn is a perfect place for a rustic and intimate wedding. The big windows, high ceilings, wood floors, beams, and hay bales make this classic piece of architecture feel special. It is important to find a venue that will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. The location should not only be beautiful but also offer a unique experience.

The best thing about getting married in an outdoor venue is that you can customize your day, and it will feel like yours alone. After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of what type of venue best suits your needs. You should also have a list of venues to consider and research further. And while you’ll have to venture out to look for your perfect barn—the search is worth it! The perfect venue is waiting for you!


Barn weddings have become popular lately as it is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional wedding. There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing this type of wedding, such as the cheaper cost and shorter planning process than a typical ceremony.

 They are perfect couples who want a small rustic barn wedding because they are intimate and cozy, but still big enough to accommodate lots of people.

Rustic barns can be difficult to find and book on short notice due to their popularity! If you are trying to plan a wedding in 3 months or less it may be challenging to find one! 


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