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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and I hope you are doing very well today,on this very warm day, although when you’re watching this, it’ll probably rain because that normally happens when I say it’s nice day. It’s always raining or not not a nice day.

Never mind. So, obviously, you guys will know from my blog that I uploaded very recently and if you follow me on social media. I am a married woman! He put a ring on it. In the words of Beyonce! And yeah so I had my wedding I uploaded for you if your watching my vlog. If you haven’t seen that I’ll leave the link to it below and I’ll also leave a little clickable link at the end of this video as well. And that’s just like the lead up to my wedding. There’s also a few little sneak peeks from the day as well so if you want to go watch that, head on over, but I didn’t realize when I uploaded that that had actually done a video on how my day went, or any advice and tips I have on this day. And that is where this video comes into play.

So I thought I would do this video is something that I wish I had had before my wedding and just to read through, and really take it all in, but I didn’t. So I’m making it for you guys instead so hopefully it will help some of you out there that are about to embark on the best day of your life because it really is the best day ever.

Take a “Wee” Moment For Yourself-

So the first tip I have for your wedding day is when you’re getting ready. It all seems very calm, and then it gets crazy, it gets manic you’re rushing you don’t think you’re going to be ready on time of being rushed by everyone. And it all gets a bit stressful. My advice for when it does get like that is to say you need a “WEE”, basically. So you need a really big way. You can’t walk down the aisle without having one and go and look yourself in the bathroom. That is exactly what I did, I locked myself in the bathroom for five minutes. Obviously I did have a ways or did need “Wee, but I also took five minutes to just kind of like absorb it or calm myself down. Speak to myself tell myself but I can do this, I can walk down the aisle without fainting to take five minutes just to yourself just to calm down to breathe again. It does really really work and it’s something I was really really pleased that I did. So yeah, definitely take some time for yourself.

Feed Yourself and Entourage

Next advice, especially for the morning is, if you are getting married at like half 2pm like we did, definitely eat and drink beforehand. And in terms of drinking I don’t necessarily mean get drunk I do mean water, but obviously a glass of champagne is quite nice to just calm the nerves as well. But, eating and drinking before you get married is very important, even though you don’t feel like you could eat or drink anything, because if you’re like me quite nervous I just can’t eat when I’m nervous.

But I did manage to shut down a gluten free sandwich and and some water, and it was very good because I didn’t feel hungry I didn’t feel like I was going to fail. And actually we didn’t have our meal until like five o’clock so by the time the whole day when I would have been starving by five o’clock so it’s definitely important to remember to eat. On the morning before your wedding, otherwise you will be a fainting bride, and no one wants to be on YouTube as a fainting bride, let me tell you that because someone in your crowd will get that on tape. Guaranteed.

Take It All In

Next one is the aisle. And actually, my friend Sophie who is dry blonde on YouTube, he told me this bit of advice like way before I got married and it’s something that’s always stuck in my head and I told myself so much that on my wedding day. I still remember to do it and that is to walk slow, take your time and actually look around your guests like you just think like underwear look at anyone actually I looked up, I looked around and I saw everyone’s smiling at me, even though it may be a little bit emotional. It was really nice to remember those kind of set of faces that stuck out from the crowd, my little Nan, and it’s just really nice to kind of have a look around and see who was basically, and obviously I did look at Chris as well.

But before I saw Chris and I did have a look around, and enjoy and absorb everyone staring at me because that’s all he can do really, and if you are worried about walking fast down your aisle like I was I actually pre warned my dad, and that was Dad Duty so he was to tell me to slow down or slow me down physically even if he had to pull me back by my arms, and I did ask him if I walk too fast Dad, please can you slow me down and actually on my day, he whispered the words to me halfway down the aisle, slow down and we get you in the video it’s so funny because we get triggered so slow then, and it’s just nice to be reminded and have someone else on the watch, and if he’s got to do it with you. He has to know something he might as well tell you to slow down so definitely walk it slow absorb it because it goes so quickly like that is the quickest part of the day by far.

So, yeah, take it all in. Enjoy. Even if you’re nervous, enjoy it because it’s actually really nice like it’s a really weird feeling but it’s really really nice, although it does feel like your bridesmaids are being thrown to the sharks, because you kind of see like one by one and disappearing it’s a very odd feeling but um, yeah, definitely take it in.

Professional Photographer and Videographer

So then I have a little tip, if you are slightly confused whether you want a photographer and whether you want to have your wedding video, I would 100% say yes to both get a professional photographer to photograph your day. You don’t want to rely on people in the crowd taking photos because even though they’re nice as a little kind of pre kind of viewing thing before you actually get your wedding photos. They’re never as good. They’re never the same their iPhone you can’t zoom in, they’re just bad quality you couldn’t get them printed. And so I would definitely say hire a photographer.

More foremost than anything that’s the most important part of your day is to have some photos because when it’s all over. That’s kind of all you’ve got to look back at it and it’s really, really important like that’s one thing that I look at daily now daily overpay, I’ve got my photos there. I would also recommend getting your wedding videos as well which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say I wasn’t really that keen on it speaking with luckily my friend and Sophie offered to film because she does that kind of as a sideline job as well. So, we were really lucky that she has the skills to film our wedding, and I’m so glad that I’ve got the wedding video to come like it’s so nice that she’s gonna be able to pick up on things that I might have forgotten about or that I’ve missed, and I’ll have all the speeches and stuff it’s just so special to have a video of your day, obviously, a video can be just as expensive as a photographer. And so if you are slightly worried about how much it’s going to cost, go and buy a video camera you can buy a little compact camera for 500 pound ($600) now, which, or even less actually I think they do them for less and ask one of your friends or your brother or sister film The day, and I think as long as you’ve got something, it’s still something from your day that we’ve got a few like iPhone photo videos to keep us going and it’s so nice to have just something as a reminder of your day because you do forget all of the details so I think that is super important.

Use Ushers for Photos

So if you are having group shots we have a few done, and they obviously involve like immediate family, friends, everything you want. You obviously discuss that with your photographer prior to your wedding. But it’s a really good idea to pre warn your ashes and have them on group shot duty. We were so lucky with two of our ashes they took control of the group shots completely that we shot that we needed one person and that person would be there they would have found them no matter where they were. And so it’s definitely important to kind of set that job for someone during the days that you’ve talked for haven’t got to be shouting, you don’t have to get stressed out and you definitely don’t want to be standing there waiting for group shots because it takes away your time from your day and socializing with your guests so have the ashes on a group shot duty, and make sure they could at it, otherwise they can get sucked because I was really good, but I’ve seen weddings where they’re awful. So, get me training, get me training

Enjoy Your First Married Moments Together

For your bride and groom portraits, I would advise going off for a little walk together, somewhere away from the crowd if you can, if your venue has like little secret places where you can go and have your photos taken, try and get there, you’ll talk about we’ll probably do a scale of the day and if you mentioned this to them I’m sure they can find somewhere nice that will be nice for your photos. I really liked the fact that we got to spend some time together, away from everyone. We went to this little like woodland area which was literally like on the side so we were really lucky, no one could interrupt us now we’re gonna talk to us. We just had time together and little smooch and I’ve talked for without snapping away, and it’s actually my favorite part of the day I think it was really nice just have some time together and talk about the day and just have a bit of a laugh and not be bothered by everyone and kind of pulled away because obviously people want to talk to you. And but yeah it’s good to just escape for a little while so definitely mentioned that to your to your photographer. If you like the idea of having a bit of time together. After you get married, because you don’t really see each other a lot on your wedding day which is quite ironic really.

Jam With a Band

Next up is more of an evening tip, and I would say that it is so much fun to have a wedding band, and I bit by some this because Chris is in a wedding band he’s in a band called Jupiter array, and they are actually really good. That’s how we met because I like to escape, like a groupie. Although I wasn’t a great catch the band badge, that’s just something really special about having a wedding band and if it’s something that you can afford and you can pay a little bit of money for definitely, definitely look into it because it creates such a nice atmosphere. And it’s just a little bit like special for your day you kind of feel like the band playing for you and it’s really nice feeling so I would definitely recommend, getting a wedding band. Next evening tip, a really good tip that I literally, it was the best thing ever, is have a basket of flip flops for all of the guests, actually saw the guys are wearing them as well so actually guys can wear them to maybe get some guy collars and yeah flip flops the evening, all the women had their shoes off the flip flops around, and then they want to dance. I think the number one thing that prevents women from dancing at a wedding in the event is sore feet. So if you provide shoes I can’t see, they can’t use that excuse and that’s something that we’ve done really well I’ve seen it done at weddings before including some of my friends weddings. And I remember just thinking it was the best thing ever so we definitely made sure had enough that actually I think we had more flip flops than we had guests but they could take them home with them, it’s fine. But yeah, go to Primark (Walmart/ Target) pro box and flip flops on 90 p sometimes, pick up like 30 of them having a basket and you’re good to go. And it makes people dance because their shoes don’t hurt anymore so definitely recommend that.

Setup a Hashtag

And then the last tip I have for you that we did on the day is set up a hashtag, obviously, now we are in a world of social media, people will take photos, upload their Instagrams the Twitter’s their Facebook’s, and of course you want to be able to see those. The next day, it’s really nice to go on Instagram and be able to kind of scroll through photos from your day, even if it’s not all of you, even if it’s all of your guests or little details of the day like I really enjoyed doing that and it made it so much easier to have an hashtag, because everyone would then use the hashtag and all their photos would be collectively put into one place so I bought these little cards from on, I think, e Bay or something where you could write the hashtag, or you can put on your invites or your actions to tell people, there’s loads different ways you can do it but I definitely recommend it if you’re not worried about photos going on social media, and it was definitely something that I was really pleased we did. And after wedding. You can also set up a Facebook group where everyone that was involved in the wedding can privately upload their photos so you’re not going to have everyone being able to see them something we did it’s very private and only the people at the wedding can see all the photos and videos and it’s a really good way of like, encouraging people to upload every single photo.


So guys, I think that’s it for now I just want to plug one too long but those are the main things I’ve been writing down over the last couple of weeks it’s been married. Obviously I’ve got so much more to talk about with the wedding and, and I will be doing that over my blogs, like I mentioned, but if there’s anything that you’d like to see videos on. If you’d like to see videos on kind of styling bridesmaids or how do you make up the wedding hairstyles, and let me know in the comments below because I’d love to know what you guys want to see because that. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it, you guys watch some videos so let me know what kind of stuff you would like to see or hear about and. And yeah, I’ll make some videos on them because I’m so happy I can finally talk about my wedding and tell you guys all the little details of the day. So, thank you for watching, and if you’d like the video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe as well even steps to all my videos that way. And I will see you again very very soon for another video. Have a lovely day guys, and thanks so much for watching. Love you all very much.




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