The Experience

The Experience

Clients who have worked with us in the past have consistently commented on our extremely, friendly, professional experience that is not only worry-free but truly artistic. Our discerning clientele are not merely deciding on price alone but are looking for great results and like that we not only deliver exactly what is asked but usually go beyond.

The key for LightMaster Studios is clear down-to-earth communication, quality products, and diligence applied to customer service & our craft. It is not unusual that lasting friendships are developed with our repeat customers and we become not just a family photographer, but lifestyle photographer, capturing and chronicling their lives for future generations. With any boutique photography, it all begins with passion. With the exception of my faith and family there’s nothing I love more. It’s about taking intangible moments and turning them into pieces of artwork you can cherish for a lifetime.

Every family is unique. Every moment and each memory are here for seconds and then start to fade away. When I became a professional photographer I made a vow I would photograph with all the passion, professionalism and creativity these moments deserve.

Like every family, I’ve felt the loss of a loved one and sometimes, too painfully, realized the lasting legacy of a family. Even our own wedding twenty years ago, because I underestimated the importance of the day and hired a friend, left us without images of those memory-making moments so important to sharing with our children today.

Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any joyous event, these are heirloom moments that you don’t get back and my clients trust me to capture the moments so that they can BE in the moment and not be behind the camera. At LightMaster Studios, we take the responsibility entrusted to us by our clients to chronicle their events with the respect each one deserves. Let us be your storytellers and create the images of your legacy. LightMaster Studios, Step Into the light!

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