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The Curvy Bride’s Guide to Looking Spectacular in Wedding Photos



With your engagement comes the excitement of planning your wedding and building your new lives together, as well as photos. Lots of photos. Engagement photos, shower photos, wedding photos: You’re going to be in front of the camera quite a bit, and for many brides, that can be intimidating just to think about.

You might be feeling constant pressure to lose weight before the wedding. You might be bombarded by skinny bride photos. You can’t find the time to workout.  You fear disappointment when you get your wedding photos back. And maybe you feel alone? No matter your size or shape, we all have things about our bodies we wish were different, and that can make being in front of the camera a daunting prospect.

But don’t worry! There are so many things you can do to help you prepare for your engagement photos, wedding photos, and every snapshot in between. Here are some of our tips for looking stunning in photos!


Book a professional photographer

There are amateur photographers everywhere and probably at least one in your family or group of friends. While it’s great to sit for sessions and help out a new photographer, when it comes to your engagement and wedding photos, you want a professional. These are images you will look back on for years to come and maybe even hang on the walls of your home. That’s why it’s essential to hire a pro who knows what they’re doing.


A professional knows how to make you look your best, from posing to lighting to framing the shot. Plus, many wedding photographers include an engagement session as part of their packages, giving you a chance to spend some time with your photographer and get comfortable with them before your wedding day.




Study other photos

While your photographer will have plenty of ideas for your engagement or wedding photos, it’s a great idea to look around and see if there are any shots you really want. Check out photos on Pinterest or scroll through the albums of friends and family on Facebook to get an idea of what images, styles, and poses appeal most to you.




Choose the Perfect Outfits

You already know what you’re wearing for your wedding day, especially if read and followed our strategy in our previous blog The Curvy Bride’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress, but your wardrobe for your engagement photos is a little more up in the air. Choose one or two outfits that make you feel beautiful and that are comfortable to move around in. When choosing your shoes and clothes, make sure nothing is too tight or too hard to pose in. While a glamorous dress may look amazing in photos, it may be hard to get around outside while wearing something that restrictive.

Get All Dolled Up

Whether you’re a makeup maven in your own right or you’d rather leave it to the professionals, your engagement photos are the perfect excuse to go all-out on your hair and makeup. If you’re planning on working with a professional stylist for your wedding day, your engagement session is a great trial run for your wedding look.  

Be Yourself And Have Fun

Above all, don’t worry too much about the camera and just be yourself. Your natural personality and smile will shine through your images, and the more you focus on your fiancé, the less nervous you’re likely to feel. 



Every bride deserves to feel gorgeous on her wedding day and wear the dress of her dreams!



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