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Princeton Engagement Photos – Stephanie and Andrew’s LOVE STOrY





In 2015, Andrew was a 1L at Seton Hall Law School. I was living in Manhattan working in PR. I was also dating his roommate. 

 While the ex-boyfriend and Andrew never struck up a friendship as

roommates, we quickly realized that Andrew and I had a lot in common. The

two of us would team up for trips to the grocery store, watch movies, share

TV shows, make coffee, go out to the bars with each others’ friends… being

together made the mundane more fun. After months of flirty tension, I

finally……….decided to tell Andrew that I had a crush on him.

His response: “Thank goodness, because I’ve been in love with you for

months.” (Steph) -I broke up with my ex the next day and the rest is history. 

Thank goodness, because I’ve been in love with you for months.” I broke up with my ex the next day and the rest is history. 




Our first date was 6/16/16, a warm Thursday night. We decided to meet midway between both of our apartments as it was a work night for both of us, and agreed that we would leave at 11:45pm so we would each be home by midnight. We went to a rooftop pizza place in Jersey City to watch the Copa America and then to a nearby bar for a night cap. One drink turned into another, one story blended into the next, and suddenly the bar was flashing its lights for last call. Somehow, it was 2am and we were both out way past our bed times. Andrew waited with me for 20 minutes and let two Newark-bound trains pass just so I wouldn’t have to stand alone on the platform for my New York-bound train. 


When did you realize they were the one? 

Steph: I had a feeling Andrew was the one weeks before we ever got together. But If I had to pick one moment that I KNEW, it would have to be driving together to our second date in Princeton. Andrew drove and held my hand while singing along (badly) to the radio. I remember sitting in the passenger seat, thinking that nothing in the world had ever felt so natural and normal. We had only been dating for a matter of days, but I knew I wanted to hold on to that feeling of peace and security forever. 

Andrew: I knew Steph was special to me months before we ever got together, when we were just friends snowed in together for the weekend. By the time we were halfway through our first date, I knew it was the last first date I ever wanted to go on, and I snapped a picture commemorating the date. Two days later, we spent the day walking around Princeton. As I held her hand in mine, I saw an entire future together laid out before us, and I knew that was the path for me. I held her hand tight and haven’t looked back since. 



Your proposal story. 

 After 2.5 weeks, Andrew was ready to propose. Luckily, he waited 2.5 years. In February 2019, we decided to host a weekend getaway to a favorite vacation spot, a beautiful estate in the mountains of Harriman, NY that we had visited for our first Valentine’s Day together. Little did I know, Andrew was in cahoots with our sisters and friends to turn this group trip into a party celebrating us.

 On Saturday morning after cooking breakfast, Andrew invited me out on a walk to tour the estate grounds. When we got to the old well house, he got down on one knee and asked to spend forever with me. Of course I said yes. Cheers erupted from the house where our friends had been eagerly watching and awaiting the big moment. Inside, our friends had put together a Pinterest-worthy party, filled with excitement and plenty of champagne. 


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