Princeton E-Session| Melissa & Tadjh's Love Story

Photographer's Intro

This is Melissa and Tadjh. I have known their respective families for over a decade. Their parents have a strong commitment to loving others with the love of Christ in everything that they do, and that is reflected in Melissa and Tadjh as well. I was asked to do their wedding this year and recently had the privilege of shooting their engagement session in Princeton NJ. It is a real treat as a photographer to work with couples whose hearts are rooted and grounded in the love of Christ and share that deep love with each other.

I have had the chance to watch their love blossom from afar over the past few years and now I have been able to capture a part of it up close.

This is their Love Story....

Melissa & Tadjh's Love Story 

MELISSA- When Did Tadjh catch your eye?

He was playing basketball and it seemed like he was acting like there were 5 seconds left in the NBA finals and he flashed this million-dollar smile after the winning shot. And I was like HE is going to be trouble! And little did I know that we would up where we are today.

TADJH -How did you let Melissa know you had feelings for her?

She became one of my best friends and I texted her, I called her and I was like "Hey, you know, I think I might have feelings for you!" And she laughed at me. She thought that I was joking around.... she thought I was totally kidding.


Tadjh is beyond resilient!!!  He never gives up and even the world probably would tell him he should... he never gives up! If you knew a fraction about his life, you would not be able to comprehend how he has a smile on his face, every day. And that is one of my favorite things about him.

Interracial Couple hugging and caressing in garden in Palmer Square in Princeton


She is my rock!  She is my best friend, my partner in crime, my P.I.C.,  and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.


Princeton Locale

Princeton has a charm, history and old world beauty.. from the open air concerts in Palmer square to the upscale shoppes of Nassau street to the hallowed vaulted arch of famed Princeton University to the colonial beauty of Battlefield park. The romantic side of Princeton sneaks up on you and doesn't let go.


Engagement Video

Special Shout-Out Freddie Robles for the excellent video.

Video Courtesy of Robles Films


Engagement Location


Palmer Square Princeton,NJ


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