How Bride’s Deal with Body Image Issues

How Bride’s Deal with Body Image Issues

Bridal body image is incredibly important to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day and in the days after your wedding.

I know what youre thinking: my hair will be perfect, mine or our best dresses are going to look amazing, etc. But how do you take clear, realistic looks at your own personality and make that the star of your show without putting yourself down?

You may think you dont have a single body image issue to deal with, but if youre like most women, youve likely been around large groups of people who focus on your appearance.

What about all those cousins weddings that you had to go to? Or maybe your friends kids who are obsessed with the idea of how many babies they will have? Any type of social situation can lead to moments where you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or wish there were more hours in the day so you could get a workout done or finish some projects. But whenever you feel this way, remember that you arent alone. This is something every woman deals with, just at different times throughout their life.

There are many ways you can promote positive body image, including understanding what it is youre afraid of and how to talk more comfortably about these issues with others.

Remember that you are much more than your body size.

We all have flaws or things we dont like about ourselves, but beating yourself up over them is not helping you move toward having a feeling of self-confidence. You may feel less than skinny even if youre very slim. Thats normal! But focusing on how thin or fat you are focuses on your appearance when building your confidence should be about showing off your personality.

Look in the mirror.

Face your issues head-on. If you are worried about your body image, then take a moment to sit down and look in the bathroom mirror. Ask yourself questions like Do I feel comfortable in my skin? or What parts of my body do I love and what parts don’t I care for as much? When you start to notice things you dont like about your appearance, address them openly and honestly.

Ask someone you trust to tell you when youre obsessed with your weight or body image

We all have flaws or things we dont like about ourselves when we get out of bed in the morning. But excessive self-examine is not just unhealthy, it can be dangerousor at least consider that before you start typing up a list of reasons why you love yourself. While its good to know what traits make you who you are, focusing on these characteristics instead of your actual body will likely help you live a more honest life and avoid comparing yourself to others.

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