How Bride’s Can Overcome Body Image Issues

How Bride’s Can Overcome Body Image Issues

Your body is yours to do with as you please.

It can be hard enough learning your ideal body type when youre looking in the mirror and online images show all kinds of variations, but once you look back at yourself in the camera, it can become even more apparent just how diversely we are created. When you feel down about your appearance, what keeps you going? Maybe you love some parts of your body but dont like others or maybe theres something that you really want to highlight, like your career or your courage.

Its important to remember that your body is beautiful, just the way it is.

I know what youre thinking: my body isnt perfect and never will be! But think about that for a second. Are you really saying that no matter how hard you work at it, your body will always look like the shape of a pole vaulter? Of course not! Your body is you; its unique to you and tells its own story. Maybe yours looks great in a photo shoot but then doesnt fit into your favorite dress

Dont let dieting become a habit.

We all need guidance, and telling yourself you cant have something is definitely not the way to go about it. But once you form a little bit of a routine around restricting calories, eating smaller meals more often or skipping snacks, chances are you wont want to break that rhythm. The goal with planning your wedding meal program is simply to feel good, and when you start believing theres an ideal body type for your dress or cake style, youre really putting yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Take time to feel good about yourself.

It can be hard to love your body after spending so much time focusing on what you dont have instead of looking in the mirror and seeing all the great things that you do! But taking just a moment every day to appreciate your physical beauty can help weight loss along with any other goal you may want to achieve.

Be kind to yourself.

This is always the number one tip for dealing with body image issues, and its excellent! But dont just limit this comment to yourself; be nice to your friends, family members and even coworkers who are going through weight struggles. When someone says they feel bad about themselves, let them know you love them and want nothing more than to see them happy and content. It may sound simple, but this small act can go a long way toward helping others feel better about themselves.

Stand up for yourself.

One of the best ways you can deal with body issues is to simply stop accepting other peoples comments about your appearance or how you look. When others tell you that you have to be more thin or get smaller hips, remind them that their opinion doesnt matter and that you know what makes you feel good about yourself. It may sound simple, but reminding yourself of these concepts can be incredibly helpful.

Trust your own body.

We often look to others for validation, especially when it comes to our physical appearance. But what if youre not beautiful? Or super skinny? There is no such thing as too thin or not enough size in your pants. Your body is one of your greatest assets, and you definitely dont want to sacrifice that just because someone told you something you liked wasnt attractive.

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