Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Our New Jersey Family Photography Process


Every family is unique and our family portrait sessions are personalized just for you. We will walk you through every step of the process, including how to choose what to wear and how to prepare for your session. 

Photo Session

Sessions take place on location, and we can help you choose the perfect spot for your photos! We will also guide you through posing and help draw out your genuine love and smiles!


After your family photoshoot, we'll custom-edit your photos, creating a gallery of images for you to choose your favorites.

Prints & Products

We can help you select beautiful decor for your home, so you have lasting images to enjoy for a lifetime.

We recently did a family photoshoot, and Shawn was amazing—patient and skilled, he worked with us and got amazing shots! We were all so happy with his work. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a patient, skilled photographer! - Ami

Family Pictures

Child Portraits


Candid Photos

Our Guarantee

Our clients consistently tell us that they know we made it a priority to understand what THEY wanted and envisioned for their special day or event. That is not by accident. At LightMaster Studios, this experience is carefully crafted and engineered into our customer service. Clear communication before, during and after each wedding and portrait gives our clients confidence that the story of their special day and event will be told through our photography.

From time to time, we all have experienced bad customer service--whether it be at a nice restaurant, maybe at the DMV, or booking a family vacation. Maybe we had a waitress with a less than desirable attitude which affected the enjoyment of the meal, or the slow, indifferent service of a clerk that was challenging to say the least or bait and switch games maybe when we went to book that perfect getaway only to find out there are hidden fees when we went to make the reservation.

At LightMaster Studios, our mission is for you to have an enjoyable experience from beginning to end with a clear and smooth process along the way. LightMaster has a warm, friendly, relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere. We understand and value that time is a precious commodity. Our goal is to make sure we can be helpful with any questions or assistance you need in a quick, responsive, and organized way. From the very first consultation to the day we hand you your wedding album, we will walk you through each step in a clear and concise way that won’t overwhelm you. By listening and getting to know you, our goal is to not only tell your story in a timeless, classic, photojournalistic way, but that you have a personal experience with us that you will enjoy from beginning to end.

Your Family Heirlooms & Printed Art

Outdoor location sessions start at $75

Wall Art
Prints start at $25
Canvas Prints start at $99
Acrylic Prints start at $139
Elegant Wall Clusters start at $449

Specialty Items
Parent Brag Book starts at $229
(Set of 25) Holiday Cards start at $50

Digital Images
(See Editing Styles below)
”Out of Camera” Digital Images
10 for $200
25 for $375
50 for $500

Natural Edit Digital Images
5 for $200
10 for $300
20 for $500
30 for $600

Artistic Retouch Edited Images
An additional $15 per image
for each Natural Edit Image

Digital Files printable up to size 8x10

Each image purchased includes digital file that can be used for social media and personal devices.

Keepsakes & Wall Art

Video Product Sample

Editing Styles

Out of Camera
Images are just lightly touched up and include:
Color balance
Adjusting exposure
Light cropping

Natural Edits
This editing style is to make the images look very natural. We do not want to drastically change the style of the picture at all, but to show the best version of it and the people/focus of the pictures in a natural way.

Natural Edits include:
Color balance and exposure adjustment
Cropping and straightening of image
Blemish removal
Stray hairs
Eye bag reduction
Light teeth whitening
Small object removal (leaves, small debris, etc.)
Light sky enhancement
Light wrinkle removal of clothing

Artistic Retouches
Our Artistic Retouch images give you the “wow” factor to make your images pop. They are more dramatic and bold, add more creative and artistic effects, and will truly stand out.

Artistic Retouches include all the components of Natural Edits and adds:
Creative effects
Black and white option
Deep wrinkle removal for clothing
Artistic style
Skin smoothing
Body contouring
(1) Head swap
Removing large objects (signs, large rocks, trees, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your sessions?

Our sessions start at $75. 

Do you do outdoor sessions?

Outdoor sessions are our expertise and what we specialize in. Almost all our sessions are outdoors.  

How far will you travel for a session?

We try and pick a location that is central between us and the clients and try to keep that within 25 miles (50 miles roundtrip). If you prefer a location that is farther, we can definitely do that. There will be a travel fee for locations farther than 25 miles, and the distance will determine the amount of the travel fee.   

How long are the sessions?

The sessions start at 30 minutes and are available up to 2 hours.  

What should we wear?

Simplicity is always best, so when in doubt, keep in mind that “less is more.” Here are a few things to consider when selecting your wardrobe:

Solid tops work best: They don't have to be the same color, but a uniform color does photograph really nicely. If there are prints or designs, it is just too busy and is distracting in the picture.

Same color bottoms: If everyone wants to wear all black, khakis, jeans, etc., that’s totally fine. If everyone is wearing the same type of bottoms, it just grounds the picture really well. Long pants look much nicer than shorts, and  ladies, if you want to wear a skirt or dress, go for it!

Accessories: Jewelry, watches, etc....those are all great!  We just ask that any pieces of jewelry are not too big and chunky so they don't take away from the focus.  

Ladies, if you could wear some kind of heels, even if they are just small ones, you'd be surprised what a difference it makes in the pictures compared to flats! (If you want to bring flats to walk around in though, definitely feel free!)  

Also, we ask that no hats be worn. They can create shadows on your face and make it difficult, depending on the lighting, to see you, and we really want you and your family to be the focus of the pictures! 

Should I wear makeup?

Yes! Even if you are someone who doesn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis or likes a minimal look, we do ask that you wear some makeup for your session. You can still have that natural look and not look “fake” or “made-up,” but without it, you will look very washed out. Natural-looking makeup photographs really nicely. Big bold colors really tend to be distracting, so neutral colors for lipsticks, eye colors, and blush work really well.  

What if the weather isn’t good?

We definitely realize that Mother Nature might not always cooperate with our schedule. When we book your session, we will pick a date and then have a back-up date just in case the weather is not looking good for the day of your session. I usually start to look at the weather about 3-4 days ahead of your scheduled session, and if it looks like it will potentially be bad weather, I will reach out to you and we can discuss what we want to do.

Can our pet be in the pictures?

We know that many people love their fur babies and would like to include them in their sessions. If you have a pet you would like to be a part of the session, we just ask that you bring someone else along with you to watch them when they are not in the pictures so that we can focus on you and your family without you being distracted by having to take care of them.  

When will we get our pictures?

LightMaster Studios has a VERY quick turnaround time with proof galleries ready in 2-3 weeks. We’ve been known to show a few sneak peek images before that 2-3 week mark as well!

How will we see our family portrait session images?

You will be emailed an online viewing gallery where you can see your images and even share them with family and friends. With that gallery, you will also be able to select favorite images you might want for prints, holiday cards, or other products.  

What types of products do you offer?

We offer a variety of products, including digital images; albums; different styles of prints, such as canvas, acrylic, wood, and beautiful wall clusters; holiday cards and many other items.  

Can friends and family order products?

Of course!  In the friends and family online gallery, they are able to select their favorite images and order products.

Are the digital images ours to use how we want?

Absolutely! You will be given the license in your contract and can use your images for social media, make prints (up to size 8x10), use them for holiday cards, etc. We at the studio have the copyrights to use the images for our social media and marketing.  

Are the images watermarked?

The final images you receive will not have our watermark on them. We do ask that, if you share them on social media, please give the studio credit for the images. You can credit the studio in several ways:


Instagram: @lightmasterstudios


What can I say about LightMaster Studios? They are amazing, that's what! His eye is second to none, he's innovative yet classic, inspirational and calming all at the same time. You won't be disappointed! Give them a try! - Akia

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LightMaster Studios

Hi, I'm Shawn, founder and lead photographer at LightMaster Studios, a Poconos wedding and portrait photographer serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Why bother with family portraits? It’s such a struggle trying to work around everyone’s schedules and get everyone altogether and organized and looking good and not’s just too much hassle, right? And what if we don’t like the photographer? Or what if the pictures don’t turn out well?

There are all kinds of reasons NOT to have family portraits, but we can tell you they are one of the most valuable treasures a family can have. It shows not just how big the kids get each year, but we have learned the importance of how much each day is a gift and it can’t be taken for granted that we can put things off for another time. These portraits allow families to come together and celebrate the moments they have with loved ones. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and create a fun experience so you have family images to enjoy for years to come.

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