BEACH ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS – Stephanie & Austin’s Love Story


Stephanie & Austin’s Love Story



How did you meet?  

  Stephanie and Austin met on Bumble.  

What was your first date like?

Stephanie told us “ we never had an official first date. I drove to Toms River from NY to meet him and we ordered pizza and watched a movie.”



When did you realize they were “the one”?

Austin says “One day he was looking at (Stephanie)  and thought to himself he doesn’t ever want (her) to leave.”

For Stephanie, she said “One day I went to leave Angelo (Austin’s son) to go to the store and he went crazy screaming and crying for me at the door and Austin sent me a video of him trying to cheer Angelo up with toys and Angelo following him around saying he missed me.”  She said it was then “I realized this is my family and this is where I belong and I would never want to be without them.” 


How did the proposal happen?  

Stephanie recalls  “I was sitting on our living room floor with my laptop working from home and Austin came home from work, went into the room, came out with a ring box got on one knee next to me and asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course!”




From the Photographer-

This is my favorite image from the shoot. I love the connection and energy between Stephanie and Austin. They are a gorgeous couple indeed they are real people and genuinely care about others. This was taken on bay side near Point Pleasant and the sky was amazing that day!


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