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How did you meet?

“Joe had tried out the online dating scene for a bit, but was becoming frustrated and ready to quit. Michelle swore that she would never try online dating (she watched too many crime shows). One day, Michelle’s friend made a joke about creating an online profile for her. She laughed it off, but curiosity got the best of her, and she created a profile on Catholic Match. Joe was one of her very first messages.”


What was your first date like?

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“Joe is from Pennsylvania and Michelle is from New Jersey. They decided to meet for the first time somewhere in the middle. The two met at Paneras. They spent four hours laughing, joking, and talking. They both agreed that this was their best first date ever. It was hard to say goodbye when the night came to an end. Joe didn’t wait too long before he asked her out on the second date.”



When did you realize they were “the one”?  

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“Joe knew that Michelle was the one after a date right around Christmas time.  Michelle and Joe met for a date in New York City and took in the lights at Macy’s, the tree at Rockefeller Center, and Central Park.  When the two went to say goodbye and go their separate ways at the end of the night, it was extremely hard for both of them to say goodbye.  On the train ride home, Joe started thinking about the “L word”–a word he had never thought of saying to any girl before…”

“Michelle knew that Joe was the one after their New York City Christmas date. On their date, the two went to Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. As they sat waiting for Mass to begin, Michelle felt a sense of peace come over her that she had never experienced before. As she experienced this feeling, she looked next to her and saw Joe. Needless to say the source of it all was very clear.” 


The Engagement Photo Experience

What was your biggest worry or concern before hiring LightMaster Studios, or any professional photographer?

Joe and I love having pictures (maybe me a little bit more than him) because we are all about the little moments. We have never had formal pictures taken together as a couple, so we were worried that maybe we wouldn’t feel like “us”. We were a little nervous going into the photo shoot, because we thought that since we are both a tad awkward (and proud of it!) we may end up looking awkward in the pictures. Shawn was fabulous! He gave us direction but adapted to our personalities as the photo shoot went on. If we tried something that worked, we went with it, and if we tried something that didn’t work, we moved on. He made us feel so comfortable and so at ease.

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What, specifically, was your favorite part of your an engagement photo session?

I think that our favorite part of our engagement session was getting to know the person (our fabulous photographer) who is going to play such a major role in our special day. Joe and I felt that we could literally see his wheels turning as he was thinking of the next pose or direction he would give us. Shawn made it so fun and natural for us, and that is exactly how we want to feel on our wedding day!

If you were to recommend us a friend, what would you say to them?

A photographer is perhaps one of the biggest parts of the Wedding Day. Working with Shawn and Carrie has been seamless. We don’t feel like a number or just another couple to them. They have made us feel special and their attention to detail in the planning of our details, and all the time that they have taken to communicate with us, has made the planning process so smooth and stress-free. We could not have asked for a better experience or more talented photographer (and we mean that <3)!

Photographer’s Thoughts

What stood out about Michelle and Joe is that they have a heart for community and a love of learning. They are so tender towards one another it’s great seeing that in this generation.

One of my favorite places to go during Christmas time is Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pa. If you are looking for engagement photo ideas during Christmas this is one that you need to consider. The atmosphere seems to harken back to time that isn’t so rushed and commercialized. But seems to encourage you to make memories. I think that is attractive to not just engaged couples but families as well.



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