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How to Create a Magazine-Worthy Wedding

Throughout your wedding planning, you’ve probably flipped through a magazine or two (or 12) and seen the stunning photos and gorgeous centerpieces of your dreams. But not everyone can afford a celebrity-style wedding day. Fortunately, there are things you can do to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank….

6 Things to Do If the Coronavirus Cancels Your Wedding

After you’ve spent months planning the perfect wedding day, the last thing you want is something unexpected to ruin all your plans. Unfortunately, that’s an issue many engaged couples are facing as COVID-19 prompts business closures and strict rules about the number of people that can gather in a public space. Unless

25 Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Details

With a bajillion things to remember, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. So true to form, I put together a list of the 25 most commonly forgotten wedding details for ya. And guess what I didn’t forget! Here’s the link to the “What’s in my Bag?

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