Bride’s Guide How to Get over Body Image Issues

Bride’s Guide How to Get over Body Image Issues

Dont let your body rule your life.

We all have bodies, and some are definitely more attractive than others. But your body is yours alone; no one else has the right to say how you look or what size you should be. Your partner loves and cares about you for reasons that only you know, but perhaps he also sees you and thinks, Thats not so bad! I like her just as she is. Or maybe he says things like, Youre beautiful and Youre perfect just the way you are. If any of these phrases sound familiar, dont allow them into your mind. You deserve love and respect for who you arenot because you meet someones standards or fit their idea of beauty, but because you truly matter and make this world better with your kind heart and unique personality.

Love yourself today.

This is one of the best ways to fight against your body issues or help you feel better about your shape. You may have days when you just dont want to wear something that makes your legs look great or doesnt fit properly onto your chest. But remind yourself of why you wanted to get married in the first placeto love someone with all your heart. It can be hard, but having faith in the relationship you share with your partner and believing in your own beauty can really help motivate you to keep working on feeling more confident in your skin.

Empower yourself with positive thinking.

Its important to tell ourselves that our bodies arent the only ones available. There are plenty of women in the world who have legs you can look up to, or body parts you want to show off. Instead of focusing on your own body, focus on how great it will feel to wear a size 8 dress that fits perfectly.

Be kind to yourself.

This is the number one way you can help improve your body image. Now, dont go buying new clothes or spending hours looking through fashion magazines but do commit to being gentle with yourself. When someone says Youre too thin, Your hair looks stupid, or even You have no breasts, remember that you are amazing just as you are.

Surround yourself with people who love and respect you.

If youre looking for a way to get over your body image issues, dont just limit yourself to friends and family members. You also need to surround yourself with positive influences in your life. These can be friends or colleagues who remind you of your beauty or partners who treat you like a superstar because they appreciate everything you do. It may even help to talk to someone who has struggles with their own obesity or another skin disorder about how to handle negative comments related to your appearance.

Always stand up for yourself.

Sometimes being strong means standing up for others or putting their needs before yours. But when it comes to your own body, you should always take care of you. If someone comments on your size-or any other aspect of your appearancedont let them continue to do so. Tell them that its not okay to judge you and help them see how beautiful they are.

Protect your emotional health.

A big part of losing body image is feeling emotionally vulnerable. After all, you are saying yes to your body and no to your brainsomething that takes a lot of courage! Even when others tell you how gorgeous you are, it can still be hard to feel beautiful. But taking time to focus on your mental health at a difficult time in our lives can help us feel better physically and then mentally.

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