If you are tired of the same old uninspired senior portraits and crave something that expressess your style then you crave, Craze!

StoryTellers: I DO, TAKE TWO! God Bless the Broken Road

But, not too long into their story, their new found love was to going to be tested.  You see, John was diagnosed with cancer.  From the moment of the diagnosis, through ALL his treatments, and the struggles of day in and day out dealing with all that one has to endure having this illness,  Cheryl .....

CRAZE Senior Portrait: How I Went From Fearful to Fierce

I was the type of girl who could tolerate a group picture but if someone tried to catch me in a selfie I would RUN and duck for cover. But I was able to do this because....

11 Very Different Types of Photography That Each Illuminate Our World

Lake Champlain, Vt Photo credit: Carrie Stewart 11 Very Different Types of Photography That Each Illuminate Our World Check out some of our favorite types of photography and the contemporary image makers working within these genres. https://mymodernmet.com/types-of-photography/   #photography #sportsphotography #foodphotography #naturephotography #landscapephotography #portraitphotography

Inspiration: Peter Lik – Wilderness Photographer

I started my photographic journey in Vermont with a borrowed camera and a simple desire to share the wonder and beauty of that state with my friends back home. Watching this of Peter Lik, video reminded of......

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