Behind the Scenes Video and Blog: Styled Wedding Shoot At Trout lake

Top Pocono Wedding Vendors Collaborate to Showcase a New Vision


A sunny and warm, late spring day–two eagles are flying over the sunlit lake, and the peaceful and serene scene of the green hills and acres of woods invites a sense of calm and relaxation.  This was our backdrop and haven on this glorious day for a full production outdoor wedding shoot. The place was the beautiful Trout Lake Retreat and Conference Center, one of the Poconos beautiful outdoor wedding venues, and that day, 17 local vendors, business owners and models came together and created a photo session that not only resulted in beautiful imagery, but a true sense of cooperation, creativity and a sense of community.  It was about us all working together on this project and bringing our best to the table. Absolutely breathtaking and luxurious bridal gowns, distinguished and impeccable designer tuxedos, a gorgeous and pristine lake resort, a top NYC Drone Video pilot, a high-end videographer, and top quality jewelers, hair stylists and barbers, makeup artists, professional models, florists, and cake designer. This was our A-team that made this vision a reality.  

When the team arrived, there seemed to be a common theme that was being asked. One would say, “Do you have a certain color scheme in mind?”and the other might have asked, “Do you have any particular hairstyles you might want for any of the dresses?” In one way or another they wanted to know: What are you looking for? What is YOUR vision?  This event had been months in the making with much planning and detail poured into it. But regardless of all the ideas he had whizzing in his head, when the day finally came, Shawn Stewart, the owner of LightMaster Studios simply responded: “Whatever you want, as long as you bring your all and pull no stops.” All of the vendors and professionals are some of the best around in the Poconos and Tri-State area, which is exactly why he asked them to be included in this. That day, we got to witness first hand just how amazing and professional these people are.  

This shoot was like directing a show. Before you get to the actual performance, there are rehearsals and the organization of props, lighting, costumes, hair and makeup, the lead characters, and the director is the one with the vision of how they see it all coming together.   Our stage manager for this day running the behind the scenes action was Cara Wengen, the events coordinator for Trout Lake who made sure that the show would run smoothly the whole day. Cara not only made all of us feel welcome and provide us with a wonderful space for everyone to get dressed and ready, but from the moment we got on the grounds late that morning til we left close to sunset, she was with us every step of the way.   Driving everyone to and fro in the golf carts so they didn’t have to walk long distances in the heat either in long dresses and heels or have to carry around lots of equipment. She checked in with everyone whether it was the people in the dressing room or those who were actually being photographed or handling the deliveries of floral arrangements and cakes and organizing where they were being brought too. She was a key part of having everything run smoothly and at the same time being a gracious hostess for us that day, and we are extremely grateful!  She would definitely be a great event coordinator for any bride on their special day!


After everyone arrived, and models were finally ready, photographers and videographers were set up, and all the details were in place, it was finally show time.  The models each walked out in their designer wedding dresses and sharp, stylish tuxedos. Whether the scene included a shimmering lake in the background or walking across to the lush forest trails, we were provided with many fascinating and natural backdrops that brought the story to life. Each model either individually or with a “bridal partner” was striking poses that created their own classic look. Even the little details could not be overlooked. All the “brides” had been pampered by our hair and makeup stylists with custom and individualized wedding hairstyles that were not only beautiful but the stylists had been very intentional with making sure the models’ looks complemented their bridal gowns and each one’s unique style. The custom bridal jewelry and accessories including luxurious hair pieces, earrings, diamond wedding bands, and other jewelry details were hand picked to complete the ensemble for each person. The abundant and lavish bridal bouquets with every flower’s radiant color added such powerful and vibrant details to each scenario.  All of these components came together precisely and were beautifully placed to create the perfect canvas.


And between each picture were adventures adding to the drama of the day. Dashing around in a golf cart so fast passengers were hanging on the edges of their seats, sometimes quite literally. Daring models trekking through woods and climbing to heights to get that “perfect shot.” One person even walked on top of a stone wall at least eight feet tall in high heels!  All of us watched nervously while she acted like she was going for an everyday stroll. On another occasion from the top balcony, one of the grooms lifted a bride high in the air, wedding flowers raised and eyes beaming in the setting sun, truly bringing to life the story of this day.

At the end of the day, after everyone had left, and we were packing up, we took a breath and just enjoyed the beautiful sunset glistening over the lake and reflected on what an amazing and truly humbling day we had just experienced. We are beyond grateful for every single person that contributed to this shoot, but even more than that their willingness to join us in the vision we had and so enthusiastically said “yes” to helping us make it a reality!  Thank you to all of you for your graciousness, hard work, professionalism, and cooperation! And thank you for helping us build community one photograph at a time.


wedding-couple-in-front-of rock-wall-with-blowing-green-white-wedding-dress-form-fitting-and-gray-tuxedo-Trout-Lake-Inn-Summer-Project-Lightmaster-studios-.jpg


Special Thanks TO OUR Collabators:

Venue: Trout Lake Inn 


Social Media – Facebook- @TroutLakeRetreat Instagram- @troutlakeweddings Twitter- @troutlakewedding

Bridal Boutique- I Do I Do Bridal 


Social Media – Facebook-@idoidonj Instagram- @idoidonj Twitter- @idoidonj

Groom Attire- Tuxedo Express


Social Media: – Facebook- @TUXEDOEXPRESS

Floral Artists-

        Bloom By Melanie 


Social Media– Facebook- @BloombyMelanie Instagram- @bloombymelanie Twitter- @melaniesflorals

        Floral Boutique 


Social Media – Facebook- @FloralBoutiqueStroudsburg Instagram-N/A Twitter-N/A

Cake- Kitchen Chemistry 


Social Media – Facebook- @KitchenChemis Instagram- @kitchenchemistry Twitter- N/A

Jewelry- Rose Rosa


Social Media – Facebook- @roserosajewelryco Instagram-@roserosajewelry Twitter-N/A

Hair Stylist – Rhoda Bolles


Social Media: Facebook- @iloverhoda Instagram- @rhoda_ann

MakeUp Stylist- Heather Novack

Social Media: Facebook- @CLOUDNINEbyheather instagram- @cloudninebeautybyheather

Legacy Barbershop- Juan Saenz


Social Media: Facebook- @Legacybarbershopesb


Male Models: 

Steven Ramirez instagram- @stevie_shines

Joey Pennino Facebook- @joeypockets.pennino Instagram- @thejoeypockets

Female Models: 

Zakiyyah Glover

Marlene Cinquemani Instagram- @momoni05

Jacqueline Pierro- Facebook- @pierromaria

Tasha Seymour- instagram- @t1sh_tash77

Drone Artist:  Dave Kotinsky


Social Media: Facebook: @kotinsky Instagram- @dkotinsky

Video Artist: Rob Provitera


Social Media: Facebook: @robert.provitera Instagram- @robertprovitera

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