Meet Shawn


Clients who I’ve worked with have often asked me about my zeal for photography. My name is Shawn Stewart, and welcome to LightMaster Studios. I am the founder and lead photographer for our studio, which I started in 2009. With the exception of my faith and family there’s nothing I love more. You see, photography is all about taking intangible moments and turning them into images and pieces of artwork you can cherish for a lifetime.

Every family is unique. Every moment and each memory are here for seconds and then start to fade away. When I became a professional photographer, I made a vow I would photograph with all the style, professionalism, and creativity these moments deserve.

Like every family, I’ve felt the loss of a loved one and (too painfully), realized the lasting legacy of a family. Even my own wedding twenty+ years ago, because we underestimated the importance of hiring a professional photographer that understood what we needed, we were left without images of those memory-making moments that were so important to us. Today, I don’t have those memories to share with our family.

A wedding is the celebration of a new journey beginning for that couple, and their wedding album becomes a family heirloom and wall art of those special wedding memories allows those images to become moments to enjoy on a daily basis. My clients entrust me to bring their stories to life through the images that not only they envision, but the ones they might not notice as well . While we are there to make sure every moment is encapsulated, we do it in a way that is unobtrusive and not distracting. Families are the building blocks of society and I hope you’ll allow me the privilege of helping to tell your story and building your legacy.

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