7 Super Practical Tips for Choosing A Second Marriage Wedding Dress

7 Super Practical Tips for Choosing A Second Marriage Wedding Dress

Getting married for a second time has some huge advantages. For one thing, you have experience with weddings and likely have a better idea of what you want from your special day. You’re a little older, a little wiser and a little less likely to let friends or family members take control.

But choosing the right dress for your second wedding can still be as much of a challenge as choosing your first gown. There are definitely some traditional ideas about what your second wedding dress should look like, but just like the rest of your wedding day, it’s entirely up to you!

We’ve put together a few tips on how to choose the right dress for you, as well as taking time to bust some common myths about dressing for your second wedding.

 Why Do Brides Wear White?  A Short History of the Wedding Dress

White is one of the most popular colors for weddings. It's associated with elegance and purity, making it the perfect color for a special day like a wedding. The tradition of wearing white on your wedding day started in Victorian England. At that time, brides wore white dresses because the color was considered to be second best to black. However, over time the color became more popular and now it's considered one of the prettiest gowns to wear on your big day. If you're looking for a classic wedding dress that will look beautiful on camera, choose a white gown!

Your Second Wedding Dress Can Absolutely Be White

The idea that only your original wedding dress can be white is a very old-fashioned one—and you don’t have to pay any attention to anyone who says that. There is no rule that says you can't wear white if you're a second-time bride. Queen Victoria even popularized the white dress when she wore one for her own wedding. So go ahead and wear whatever dress you want, whether it's white or not. If you want a white wedding gown, then by all means, wear one! No one but you gets to decide what color your dress should be or what it should look like. Even if your first wedding dress was white, that doesn’t mean you have to choose off-white or a color the second time around. Whatever dress makes you feel beautiful and special is exactly the one you should choose.

But You Can Definitely Wear a Dress in a Different Color

Alternative colors of wedding gowns are becoming more and more popular and not just for second weddings. Many first time around brides are also opting for fun colors, and you can too if you want! Your second wedding is the perfect time to try something different or a little more unconventional, especially if you felt obligated to stick with white for your first wedding dress.

There’s really no limit to what colors you can choose for your wedding dress. Focus on a favorite color or the colors that you feel you look best in. While pastel pinks and blues, neutral colors and metallics are most popular, you definitely don’t have to limit yourself to those shades or even to a solid color. Florals and fun patterns are on the table as well—whatever makes you feel lovely!

Go Casual or Formal—It’s Up to You

Many second-time brides opt for a more casual wedding dress, either because they want something simpler or their budget is just smaller. And while there’s nothing wrong with the casual look—especially if you want to emphasize comfort—don’t be afraid to go formal if that’s what you really want.

For casual wedding dresses, shorter lengths (ankle- or knee-length) are more popular, as are asymmetrical styles. If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, look for minimalist dresses that aren’t necessarily listed as wedding gowns. You can often save money by shopping in the regular dress section instead of buying something with “wedding” in the name.

Age is Just a Number­

If you’re getting married for a second time in your 40s or 50s, that doesn’t mean you have to choose a more casual wedding look. Your age shouldn’t dictate your wedding day but should instead give you the freedom to express yourself and your love for your partner in whatever way you see fit.

Many older brides who are getting married for a second time want to avoid all the traditional pomp of their original wedding and just want to keep things simple and comfortable. You don’t even have to wear a dress! If you want to go for a glamorous pantsuit, it’s totally up to you.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing a dress for your second wedding is what you want. After all, this day is about you and your partner and the love you share. Do what makes you happy, and your second wedding day will be one you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come!

Second Marriage Wedding Dress Etiquette

Second weddings have different wardrobe etiquette than first weddings. For example, the bride may wear a dress or gown that is not white. This is because a white wedding dress is typically associated with a bride's first marriage. However, if the bride chooses to wear white, it is still considered acceptable. Another option for the bride is to wear her best dress, regardless of the color. This is because second weddings are not as formal as first weddings, and the bride wants to be comfortable on her special day. Queen Victoria set the precedent for white weddings when she wore a white wedding gown to her royal wedding in 1858. Since then, many brides have chosen to wear white on their wedding day, regardless of whether it is their first or second marriage.


Can I wear a simple wedding dress or a wedding suit?

There is no wrong answer when it comes to what type of wedding dress a bride can wear. A simple wedding dress, second time bride, or bride can wear are all acceptable terms for referring to someone who has not yet worn a wedding gown. When shopping for a wedding dress, whether you're a first time bride or someone who's been married before, keep in mind that you have options. You don't have to stick with a traditional wedding gown if you don't want to. There are many beautiful and stylish second wedding dress ideas available on the market these days. So take your time browsing through different stores and find the perfect dress for you!

Traditional  Bridal Dresses for a Second Wedding?

There are many different styles of bridal dresses that are considered appropriate for a second wedding. Some of the most popular choices include bridal gowns, dresses for a second marriage, and second marriage wedding dresses.

Some common dress styles for a second marriage include the classic bridal gown, a short wedding dress, or a tea-length dress. Department stores typically have a wide variety of bridal dress styles to choose from. It is important to keep in mind that some wedding dress styles may be more appropriate for a formal second marriage wedding, while other dress styles may be better suited for a more casual second marriage ceremony.

Second Marriage Gown Tips for Older Brides

For older brides, finding the perfect wedding gown can be daunting, but it's definitely worth it to look for a dress that will make your big day look beautiful. Here are some tips to help you find the right gown:

1. Start by looking at wedding dresses in stores or online. Be sure to consider both silhouette and material options, as these determine the style of the gown and how it will look on you.

2. Consider what type of wedding you're planning. A summer wedding might call for a more lightweight style, while a winter wedding might be better suited for a heavier gown.

3. Look for bridal gowns that are Second marriage gown (Tips for Older Brides. Many stores offer special discounts on second marriage gowns for older brides, so it's worth checking out all of your options.)

4. When it comes to picking a dress, don't hesitate to ask your friends or family for suggestions. They know best how you'll look in a certain dress and may have had similar weddings themselves!

Second Wedding Etiquette Tips

The key to wedding etiquette for a second marriage is to keep in mind that your new spouse is likely just as eager to celebrate your marriage as you are. Here are a few tips to help make your second wedding go smoothly:

- Plan ahead. Make sure to have everything you need, including a schedule of events and a registry, ready well in advance of the ceremony. This way, there will be less chance of any last-minute surprises or snags.

- Follow the rules. Many wedding traditions are rooted in custom, and while some may be flexible for a second wedding, others should be followed exactly as they were originally intended. Proceed with caution if you wish to break with tradition - doing so could seriously upset your guests.

- Show respect. Your new spouse is entitled to the same level of respect at your wedding as you received from your first spouse. Make sure that you do not treat them differently than you would have at their own wedding - this will only cause resentment and tension down the road.

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